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For any procedure where dental anesthetic was used, please be careful not to bite your tongue, cheek or lip, or drink hot liquid while you are numb.


You can find our postoperative general instructions for our procedures within this content, but if you have any questions please contact the office M-Th 7:30am -4:30pm PST or for after hours emergencies please call Dr. Lobato’s emergency number listed above.



Dental Implants, Implant Crown, Non Removable Implant Denture


YOU MUST RETURN TO YOUR POST OPERATIVE APPOINTMENT or the implant could fail resulting in additional time and costs to you. 

NO excessive forces should be placed on the implant or near the implant site for a period of 3 months. DO NOT bite or chew ANYTHING directly on the implant or near the implant area during the healing period.

For example: do not bite or chew directly on ANYTHING that has a texture that if firmer than an ‘oatmeal’ consistency.  DO NOT chew gum during the healing period.

It is important to follow these rules so that the implant will be able to integrate with the bone and will have a better chance of success without complications or infection.

When the final restoration is placed on the implant you must clean the area daily.


For a crown, regular brushing and flossing is recommended. Try to avoid popcorn and small seeds as there is a risk of these items lodging under the gum and causing eventual failure of the implant. For an implant retained, non-removable denture, it must be cleaned twice daily with regular brushing an using a water pick.


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