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Root Canal or Endodontic Treatment

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For any procedure where dental anesthetic was used, please be careful not to bite your tongue, cheek or lip, or drink hot liquid while you are numb.


You can find our post operative general instructions for our procedures within this content, but if you have any questions please contact the office M-Th 7:30am -4:30pm PST or for after hours emergencies please call Dr. Lobato’s emergency number listed above.




Root Canal or Endodontic Treatment


A root canal has been performed and a post and core have been placed. The next step of your treatment is to have a crown placed. Studies show that crowns placed within 6 weeks will protect a root canal tooth from fracturing or needing retreatment in the future. There is a strong risk of the tooth fracturing in a way that the tooth may be lost should you elect to wait and have the recommended crown placed. The reason for this recommendation is that the tooth no longer has the vital nerve and blood supply to protect it even though the tooth can be retained in the mouth for chewing.


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